TOP 5 podcast episodes of 2020

Lithuanian Dream Podcast is the most popular podcast about Lithuania in English. The first episode was released back in September 2019. Now we are celebrating one year anniversary and sharing with you the top 5 most listened episodes of 2020. The list is as follows:

Read on for the full list with episode descriptions and recordings. Which episode is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Top 5 - 035 - Why should you work in Lithuania? Interview with Head of Work in Lithuania

In this episode our host Ruta Naujokaite interview the Head of Work in Lithuania, Eglė Adašiūnaitė. - What are the different opportunities to work in Lithuania? - What salaries can you expect? - Can you go around the country using just English? Check out Work in Lithuania website:

Top 4 - 027 - Lithuanian American, the New York Times bestselling author Ruta Sepetys

In this interview we invited one of the most popular Lithuanian-American writers of historical fiction, Ruta Sepetys.

Back in 2011 she debuted with her New York Times Best Seller Between Shades of Gray.

That book was a hit in Lithuania, as well as the movie “Ashes on the snow”.

The novel takes place in the mid-20th century, and tells a story of family that was affected by Stalinist repressions.

The book was one of the first novels on the topic to break out to an international audience and has been translated into more than 27 languages.

After that Ruta wrote 3 more books: Out of Easy, Salt to the Sea and the Fountains of Silence.

Ruta has been described as a "seeker of lost stories" who hopes to give voice to those who weren't able to tell their story.

Top 3 - 025 - How Western Union gave Lithuania a second chance with Gint Baukus

In this episode we talk about how one of the first big American companies, Western Union, decided to invest in Lithuania. Actually, it wasn't that easy...

Top 2 - 014 - 9 years in Hong Kong with Managing Director & Co-head of Innovation at HKEX Lukas Petrikas

Lukas Petrikas is Managing Director & Co-head of Innovation at HKEX, where he looks for creative business models and disruptive technology innovations that can deliver value and open new opportunities for HKEX.

During his career, he has been involved in many of the initiatives that have broken new ground for Hong Kong's markets, including the acquisition of London Metal Exchange; Shanghai & Shenzhen Stock Connect; China Bond Connect; and the 2018's listing reform. Prior to HKEX, Lukas was an investment banker at Rothschild London and Hong Kong.

*Note: Lithuanian startup Vinted became and Unicorn, but didn't go public (IPO).

Top 1 - 031 - The power of poetry and critical thinking with Tomas Venclova

Tomas Venclova is one of the best known figures in Lithuania. He is a Lithuanian poet, prose writer, scholar, philologist and translator of literature. Full list of his works you can find here:

He is one of the five founding members of the Lithuanian Helsinki Group. He was invited by Czesław Miłosz to teach at the University of California at Berkeley. He did not return to Lithuania until its independence in 1991. Since 1980 he has taught Russian and Polish literature at Yale University.

Article is written by Ruta Naujokaitė, who is as well a host at Lithuanian Dream Podcast and the president at LEO in Berlin. Ruta is a Marketing Manager with 7 year’s experience across NGO and digital health sectors. Specialising in digital marketing and passionate about gender equality and bringing Lithuania to the global digital map. She is looking forward to network with people passionate about leadership and marketing in digital health space.