032- Social Democratic values in Lithuania with Linas Linkevičius

Meet one of the candidates for the 2020 Lithuanian parliamentary election, Linas Linkevicius. one of the only politicians that has continued to be in high political positions throughout all 30 years of Lithuanian independence. 

Just after Lithuania gained independence, in 1992 Linas Linkevicius became Deputy Chairman of the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs. Afterwards he was the Minister of National Defence, Minister of  Foreign Affairs, took various diplomatic positions to NATO, the EU and Belarus. From 2012 onwards he was our Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

We discussed social democrat values and party system in Lithuania, his program for the upcoming elections and why global Lithuanians should vote.

Listen to the full interview with Linas Linkevičius bellow:

Disclaimer- this is unpaid political campaigning with a candidate running for Lithuanian Parliament. We invited all candidates running for the position equal rights to participate in later episodes.

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