027- Ruta Sepetys - interview with #1 New York Times bestselling author

Meet #1 New York Times bestselling author of historical fiction, Ruta Sepetys. In our podcast interview you can hear a story from this Lithuanian American author. Our host Ruta Naujokaite talked with Ruta Sepetys about her creative process, healing power of stories and how telling her own story of being Lithuanian made her into a writer. 

“I believe. So many ways to write a book. But this is how I approach it.

The first thing I do when I decide to write about a topic, I look for every bit of nonfiction information that I can find. That would be nonfiction, books, memoirs. Tests, testimony, academic papers, and dissertations.

People often forget about those and these wonderful academics and historians who have written on this topic.

I read all of that first because if I'm going to speak to someone, I hope that I can have a footing and a base in this topic before I go speak to someone about a traumatic experience, a difficult time and history.

That research generally takes a year or two. This is when I do a year or two of reading, I work with librarians.

They suggest things I have to work with translators because many of these texts are in languages that I don't speak or read.

And so the translators are the heroes. And then once I've done my nonfiction reading, I move on to what is, for me, the most crucial point is trying to travel to the location and meet human beings who have written……”

Listen to the full interview with Ruta Sepetys about her career as a writer and her relation to Lithuania: