029- Julija Jegorova on power of PR

Meet one of the most respected PR specialists in Lithuania and the UK, Julija (JJ) Jegorova. Just over 2 years ago she started Black Unicorn PR, a Public Relations and Communications agency that aims to go beyond traditional services, acting more as an in-house extension of her clients' team than an agency.

ulija (JJ) Jegorova Founder at Black Unicorn PR
Julija (JJ) Jegorova Founder at Black Unicorn PR

In this episode we talk about the power of PR. How is communication being used at the national level in Lithuania? We look at Brexit, Lithuanian startups and how Lithuanians are perceived by the rest of the world.

“PR has a huge impact and affects the way we see the world. Yet, it's up to every single person to make their own decisions. There are sensitive topics that should be opened up, but we need to be mature enough to be able to listen to each other and draw some sort of conclusion, which is very rare."

Listen to the full interview with Julija (JJ) Jegorova about the power of PR and perceptions of Lithuanians here and in the UK.agency.