002 - Investments: 4 Key Industries of the Future with Mantas Katinas, Head of Invest Lithuania

Lithuania has a great environment for investments. Several major international companies already have invested in the country including several major institutions like Barclays, Western Union and Danske Bank. 

Listen to our podcast episode with the head of Invest Lithuania, Mantas Katinas, where we discuss the investment environment in Lithuania and separate industry focus areas for the next decades.

Why invest in Lithuania?

GDP is growing fast

The economy is growing fast. Lithuania’s GDP is growing fast (from 2015 to 2019, the GDP is 3,2% per annum). 

Legal basis is one of the best for making business

According to several rankings, Lithuania has one of the most favourable tax environments for business creation.

A highly educated workforce

Lithuanians value education; 92% of the working-age population have higher or secondary education. Most of women scientists and engineers per country in the EU are from Lithuania.

Infrastructure and living standards are exceptional

While other countries struggle with pollution and the internet, these things Lithuania can be proud of. The clean air of the region – based on the study “European Green City Index” data from 30 European cities, the capital of Lithuania has the best air quality in Europe.

Listen to our podcast episode with Mantas Katinas, the head of Invest Lithuania to learn more why you should invest in Lithuania. Mantas shares his insights into the current economic priorities of Lithuania and explains how his agency attracts and facilitates foreign investment in the country.