019- Apps for animals with Rasa Gentvilaite Ziemiene Co-Founder of Dogo

Sometimes meeting just one person or something as simple as getting a pet can change your life completely. The story of show guests Rasa and Tadas attests to that. Today, they are co-founders of what is one of the best dog training apps on the market. But the path towards that was long and full of discovery. 

“We were just doing our thing, like making the product for ourselves, not putting my expectations high. And then, Apple wrote to us and wrote like, yeah, we like Dogo and we would like to feature you.”- said Rasa

Pet Tech is an emerging field that includes gadgets, goods, feeding systems, monitoring systems, and myriad other products focused on our pets. The market is growing very fast and we are beginning to see retail giants like Amazon and Walmart moving into the field through the production of white-labelled products of their own. Listen to the full episode to learn more about this industry as well as hearing tips on starting your own business.