015 - 10 years of Global Lithuanian Leaders with Co-Founder of GLL Dalia Petkeviciene

Global Lithuanian Leaders (GLL) is one of the biggest membership-based organizations connecting Lithuanians abroad. In 2019 GLL celebrated its 10th anniversary. This article will give a short overview of the organization and highlights from the interview with GLL Co-Founder Dalia Petkeviciene.

Many people contributed to making this project successful. Especially GLL Co-Founder Dalia Petkeviciene. Her determination to unite global Lithuanians brought this idea into the light.

“My personal story of getting passionate about global Lithuanians engaged for a successful homeland goes back to 2009. I was a 26-year-old working with the International Chambers of Commerce and I came up with this idea of a Lithuanian Davos for global citizens with Lithuanian origin coming back to Vilnius.”

Global Lithuanian Leaders (GLL) is:

  • Unites high-level professionals with Lithuanian affiliation 

  • Uniting 2000 members in 49 countries

  • Has 11 programs for furthering member engagement and the development of Lithuania

  • Partners with 10 government institutions and agencies including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Invest Lithuania and Enterprise Lithuania

Listen to the full episode to learn more about different parts of the Global Lithuanian Leaders organization development and how GLL grew from an idea to one of the world’s strongest diaspora organizations.