039 - How to find purpose at work with Rasa Jusionyte

"When you're in London, you're like this small, small part of a human machine. And when you are in Lithuania, there's so many opportunities. You can grow faster. You can do more in Lithuania than in London, like publishing your own magazine."

Rasa Jusionyte is one of the most popular Lithuanian influencers. With her magazine and the podcast What do people do, she is encouraging people to find job satisfaction and purpose.

In this interview our host Ruta Naujokaite speaks with the voice of a purpose driven generation of Lithuanians.

For almost 3 years, Rasa was a host of a weekly radio show at Ziniu Radijas in Lithuania where she invited people to share their journeys to finding a purpose in the workplace. Now she publishes a magazine What do people do and works on various projects.

"So I think that whole thing drives from, from inside of me. Because I always wanted to have a job that does a bit more than earns money. And my parents were artists. My mom owns a gallery and my dad was a painter. They both graduated from art Academy in Lithuania. And I grew up in the house where both of them did a lot of work for the city, um, from helping other artists."- says Rasa.