035 - Why should you work in Lithuania? Interview with Head of Work in Lithuania

In this episode for the first time in our Podcast history we have both short news bit and the business interview. This time we invite you to meet the head of Work in Lithuania, Eglė Adašiūnaitė.

In interview part our host Ruta Naujokaite interview the Head of Work in Lithuania, Eglė Adašiūnaitė.

- What are the different opportunities to work in Lithuania?

- What salaries can you expect?

- Can you go around the country using just English?

Check out Work in Lithuania website: workinlithuania.lt/

Today our podcast is celebrating 1 year anniversary! We have 3 surprises for you:

- We will have short business news every two weeks. Presented by Sean Donovan. - Lithuanian Dream Podcast is now on a radio in California, the USA. - New technical editor in Chief joined our team Gabriele Valodskaite. Welcome!

Listen to the full interview with Eglė Adašiūnaitė bellow: