034 - Knock down the house with the youngest parliamentarian Ruta Miliute

Meet one of the candidates for the 2020 Lithuanian parliamentary election, Ruta Miliute. She is a member of the party that now holds a majority in Lithuanian parliament, Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union party of Lithuania. Four years ago, Ruta became one of the youngest members of Seimas and this year she is running again to represent us, global lithuanians.  Today we will talk about her experience of being in the parliament, and why she wants to represent us.

Listen to the full interview with Ruta Miliute about libaeral values in Lithuania bellow:

Disclaimer- this is unpaid political campaigning with a candidate running for Lithuanian Parliament. We invited all candidates running for the position equal rights to participate in later episodes.

LT- Tai yra rinkimų agitacijai skirta informacija, už kurią nebuvo mokama skleidžiama elektroninėmis priemonėmis (garsu ir vaizdu) apie kandidatus ir jų veiklą. Tai yra dalis podkiasto epizodų su kadidatais kurie dalyvaus parlamento rinkimuose pasaulio lietuvių apygardoje.

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