025 - How Western Union gave Lithuania a second chance with Gint Baukus

Why this event was important for Lithuania?

Well, mainly, because Western Union brought to Lithuania a lot of new jobs and established a show case for other international companies and especially banks, to choose Lithuania for investment. A lot of new doors were open after, back in in July 2010 Western Union, established its European Regional Operations Center (EUROC) in Vilnius.

How is Western Union doing now?

Western Union currently is one of the largest employers in Lithuania, with almost 1800 employees. It is actually now the largest WU site worldwide and now serving in 34 languages 24/7 as WU Centre of Excellence.

"When you visited for the first time. My first visit was 1991.this was literally, literally during the coop that was going on in Moscow. This is before Lithuania have declared its independence. At that time I was on a speaking tour with the Northwestern University. And we were going to various financial institutions in Russia, in Poland, and have yet to go to talk about Western style management."- says Gint Baukus

Interview with Gint Baukus about his success story of bringing Western Union to Lithuania came to be one of the most popular Lithuanian Dream Podcast episodes of 2020. More than a 1000 people listened and shared this episode!

Article is written by Ruta Naujokaitė, who is as well a host at Lithuanian Dream Podcast and the president at LEO in Berlin. Ruta is a Marketing Manager with 7 year’s experience across NGO and digital health sectors. Specialising in digital marketing and passionate about gender equality and bringing Lithuania to the global digital map. She is looking forward to network with people passionate about leadership and marketing in digital health space.