009 - Destination Vilnius with Inga Romanovskiene

In this episode our host Ieva Cerniauskaite speaks with the general manager of Go Vilnius, Inga Romanovskiene. Inga is a marketing expert on a mission to make Vilnius a leading destination in Europe. Her agency, Go Vilnius, promotes the capital by creating eye-catching marketing campaigns and information resources for tourists. Inga will tell us about cool spots to check out in Vilnius, its vibrant food scene, and why they call it “The G-spot of Europe.”

Questions discussed in the interview:

  1. To start off, could you give us a brief overview of Vilnius? (brief intro about Vilnius as the country’s capital and its history)

  2. Generally speaking, what do you think makes Vilnius a great city to visit? (e.g. very walkable, friendly people, easily accessible from other parts of Europe?)

  3. For someone who has never been to Vilnius before, what are the iconic or most popular attractions to visit?

  4. Do you have any suggestions for interesting things to check out in Vilnius that people might not know about? For example, things that might not pop up when you Google “top 10 things to see in Vilnius”? (Ieva:

  5. Personally I’d consider myself a “foodie,” I love good food and for me that’s always a highlight of my travels! What is the food scene like in Vilnius?

  6. Are there any spots you’d recommend in Vilnius for a tasty meal or great drinks?

  7. (possible follow-up questions and explanation of local/national dishes, e.g. “I love cepeliniai, how would you describe it to someone who’s never had it?”)

  8. Unexpected surprises or trendy restaurants? (e.g. exotic cuisine, fine dining experience)

  9. I read a little online about something called the “Meet a Local Initiative,” can you tell us what that’s about?

  10. And can you tell us a bit more about tourism as an industry in Vilnius?

  11. How many people visit each year?

  12. Are there certain seasons or events during the year that tend to attract more visitors?

  13. What impact does tourism have on the local community and economy?

  14. From what countries or regions does Vilnius get the most visitors? Have you noticed any new visitors from a part of the world that are discovering Vilnius for the first time?

  15. Lithuania is one of three small countries known as the Baltics, with the other two being Latvia and Estonia.

  16. Are there many tourists that make a point of visiting multiple cities across the Batlics?

  17. How might you compare and contrast Vilnius with Latvia’s capital, Riga, and Estonia’s capital, Tallinn?

Some useful links for those who are visiting Vilnius

  • Vilnius Tourism - http://www.vilnius-tourism.lt/en/

  • Personal Pleasure map - https://vilniusgspot.com/personal-plan/

  • Walkable Vilnius routes - https://walkablevilnius.com/

  • Go Vilnius - http://www.govilnius.lt/

Article is written by Ruta Naujokaitė, who is as well a host at Lithuanian Dream Podcast and the president at LEO in Berlin. Ruta is a Marketing Manager with 7 year’s experience across NGO and digital health sectors. Specialising in digital marketing and passionate about gender equality and bringing Lithuania to the global digital map. She is looking forward to network with people passionate about leadership and marketing in digital health space.