In this page you can find all Lithuanian Dream Podcast episodes. The list starts with the latest episode. Click on the name to read a full description and listen to it:
045 - Why do we need branding? Interview with Viktorija Kravcova
044 - Christmas special with Gabriele Valodskaite & Ruta Naujokaite
043 - How do we define cultural identity? with Jurgis Didziulis
042 - Networking is about giving, not taking with Kingsley Aikins
041 - How to make art more accessible with the head of MO museum, Milda Ivanauskiene
040 - What have we learned in one year of making a podcast?
039 - How to find purpose at work with Rasa Jusionyte
038 - Lithuanian diaspora in the US and elections season with Juras Palukaitis
037 - Starting your own startup with Co-founder of Oberlo and Director of Marketing at Shopify Tomas Slimas
036 - Episode with Milda Mitkute, Co-founder of Vinted Lithuania's first tech unicorn
035 - Why should you work in Lithuania? Interview with Head of Work in Lithuania
034 - Knock down the house with the youngest parliamentarian Ruta Miliute
033 - Liberal values in Lithuania with Ausrine Armonaite
032 - Social Democratic values in Lithuania with Linas Linkevicius
031 - The power of poetry and critical thinking with Tomas Venclova
030 - Dalia Asanaviciute on issues of Lithuanian diaspora in the UK
029 - But when it comes to the media, it really sells well with Julija Jegorova
028 - Coronavirus explained with Ingrida Olendraite
027 - Ruta Sepetys - interview with #1 New York 
026 - Solo female founder that started skincare revolution with Dr. Akvile Ignotaite
025 - How Western Union gave Lithuania a second chance with Gint Baukus
024 - Health gamification & female entrepreneurship with Ada Jonuse
023 - LT Big Brother Mentoring Program with Arnoldas Pranckevicius
022 - Summary of the Season 1 of Lithuanian Dream Podcast
021 - Litvaks and Lithuania with Lithuanian Honorary Consul Carlos Levenstein
020 - Interview with Ambassador of Lithuania in Germany Darius Semaska
019- Apps for animals with Rasa Gentvilaite Ziemiene Co-Founder of Dogo
018 - The fight for diaspora political rights with Dr. Rimvydas Baltaduonis
017 - The professional branding on LinkedIn Co-founder at Linkedist Kotryna Kurt
016 - Ancestral tourism in Lithuania with Genealogy Enthusiast Egle Jarasiunaite
015 - 10 years of Global Lithuanian Leaders with Co-Founder of GLL Dalia Petkeviciene
014 - 9 years in Hong Kong with Managing Director & Co-head of Innovation at HKEX Lukas Petrikas
013 - Transparency: the key to a corruption-free society with Sergejus Muravjovas
012 - Nanotechnology to fight and cure cancer with PhD Marija Matulionyte
011- Lithuania's role within the EU with Ambassador to the EU Jovita Neliupšiene
010 - The Baltic states explained with Director of EESC Linas Kojala
009 - Destination Vilnius with Inga Romanovskiene
008 - The diplomatic pursuit of the EU and NATO with Linas Linkevicius
007 - FinTech and Blockchain in Lithuania with Marius Jurgilas, Board member at Bank of Lithuania
006 - 10 years of harnessing the power of Lithuanian Diaspora with Aušra Kukelkaite, head of GLL
005 - Lithuania embracing the LGBTQ community with Tomas Vytautas Raskevicius
004 - Lithuanian Social Capital: Case Study of Professional Clubs with Vytaute, Marius and Laurynas
003 - Lies, Risks, and Thermostats with Behavioral Economist Agne Kajackaite
002 - Investments: 4 Key Industries of the Future with Mantas Katinas, Head of Invest Lithuania
001 - Lithuanian Dream Podcast Trailer

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