Lithuanian Dream Podcast aims to the uniqueness of Lithuania. 


Today, 30 years after regaining independence we are telling its story through the eyes of people who made those dreams a reality.


  • Why Lithuanians are so proud of their language?

  • Why the Lithuanian economy grew the fastest of all post-soviet states?

  • Why it has the most female scientists?

  • Why does the country invest so heavily in national security?

  • Why does it bring its oil via ship from Sweden?

Hover over the podcast interviews and let these incredible stories elevate you. 


Ruta Naujokaite is our host. She is passionate about bringing Lithuania to the global digital map. She worked as a CMO one of the strongest EU companies specialising in digital health security and is the President of the biggest Lithuanian Professionals Organisation in Germany, LEO in Berlin.


Sean Donovan is Editor In Chief. Great content is something he lives for, with more than 10 years experience of creating copy for NGOs, universities and startups. 


Milda Sukyte is Head Designer. She is interested in creating great designs by experimenting with different techniques. See more at: https://mildasukyte.wixsite.com/mimiart 


Gabriele Valodskaite

 is Head Sound Editor. She works in Project Management, communications and is curious about all things European.


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